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Nuclear Destruction Web Portal

Welcome to the Nuclear Destruction web portal. We at Code-Monkeys are happy to see your interest in Global Thermonuclear Destruction. Do you feel that inner need to nuke something, well, that's what Nuclear Destruction is for!

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Quick Start

Each player is assigned a country to control and a random number of NPC "Proxy" countries are also added to the mix. On each turn you direct the various parts of your country's industrial might to build ICBMs, ABMs or more factories. You also conduct diplomacy with other countries and compete to influence the limited number of proxies. At some point, after the first turn, you may decide to start Thermonuclear War - that's when the thing gets interesting and you start nuking other countries.
The last country with people left alive is the winner and credits are given to the winner (and maybe 2nd and 3rd place as well depending on game size).

Currently all games do not have a turn cost and only a single credit to play, this is of course to move the beta forward

RulesFor the full set of ND rules...

Login ScreenWhere this is All Going

This is our web-based open beta. So understand that your current wins and or loses might be wiped, misplaced or somehow destroyed. We'll do our best to preserve that stuff, but there are no promises. There may be server outages, maintenance downtime, or on-the-fly interruptions as we seek to make this game bulletproof. Yes, errors suck, but with thousands of lines of turn generation code and AI countries there are bound to be a few...

All of your winnings are subject to loss due to character wipes or server "hiccups" (So far the only "hiccup" related to winnings was a positive gain of over 2000 credits.... that was fun, too bad it happed to a developer). If there is a system outage there will be a notification on this web portal.

While this is a web-based game for the moment the screen shots sprinkled throughout will tip our plans. Soon after this is all wrapped up, we'll be launching this game on iPhone, iPad and AppUp for Netbooks. With any luck (and success) we'll also port to Android, Facebook and every freaking SMS enabled mobile device in the world.

Code-Monkeys Wants You!

At the top of every page you will get the friendly/fiendish reminder to send feedback and bug reports to If you play we want to hear from you, yes you.

There have been 1225 games of Nuclear Destruction completed to date, and there are still 2 games in progress, get your Thermonuclear Game On!

Full Rules

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